Programming interview questions

  • Posted on: 11 December 2013
  • By: pkhhalder

Programming questions are integral part of any Java or C++ programmer or software analyst interview. No matter on which language you have expertise it’s expected that you are familiar with fundamental of programming and can solve problems without taking help of API. Programming questions like How to reverse String using recursion or How to find if Array contains duplicates are some popular examples of programming question in Java.  Programming questions present lot of challenges Especially to Java developers as compared to C++ programmer and I think, One reason for this is powerful Java API; Which has method for almost every need and you rarely need to write by your own or there are lots of third party library from Apache, Spring, Google and other open source.
These programming interview questions are from my personal collections and I have only chosen those which are not very difficult, can be solved easily but at same time can become too complex or confusing, present lots of follow-up questions and test fundamentals of programming, OOPS and design. I have not given answers of these programming questions but those can be found by google and I will try to post links of answers here sometime later but at same time I will try to provide quick tips or hints on some questions. If you like to read programming books, you can check out Programming Interviews Exposed and 10 coding questions asked in Google with solution, which helps a lot while preparing for any programming Job interview.

Anyone who is following programming questions must be familiar with these questions and also knows answer for most of these but for new guys and even for intermediate its worth refreshing it before going to any programming job interview e.g. Core Java interview.