Are you preparing for a job interview that requires proper knowledge of Java? Then you need to know some of the most common questions asked in interviews.

Even if you know the right answer to the most complicated questions, the way you answer can significantly impact the overall outcome of the interview. While knowing the right answer is important, it’s essential to exhibit confidence during oral responses.

Try practicing some of these common java coding interview questions:

1. Why is Java the “platform-independent programming language”?

When interviewers want to determine the knowledge a candidate possesses regarding the basic features and foundation of Java, they usually ask such a question.

Answer: “One of the essential purposes of Java code is to create a universal programming language that can be used by developers across multiple platforms while eliminating the need for exchanging the source codes for each. Platform independence here refers to the program’s execution that is not dependent on the operating system being used.”

2. Give an example of working with a team to solve problems

An interviewer likes to judge whether the applicant can work as a team or not and fit into the company culture. When you’re asked this question, try to focus on telling the skills they are looking for.

Answer: “In my previous company, I worked as a member of the developing team for the enterprise-class application for developing a customer relationship management system. Our team was functioning based on the tasks assigned to each developer who had to write a different piece of code to work on. Once I was done with my tasks, I used to help the team finish and help whenever possible.”

3. What are constructors in Java?

Constructors in Java are codes used to initialize the object’s state. Most employers ask this question to analyze whether the applicant understands the basics or not regarding the programming language.

Answer: “A constructor aims to initialize a newly produced object. Java plays a crucial role in supporting copy constructors, but the codes have to be written yourself. On the other hand, constructor chaining is calling a constructor from the other constructor. However, do know that a sub-class constructor is not the same super-class constructor.”

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