For most beginners, it’s always recommended to learn to code starting from JAVA or CodeGym. That’s because these languages are relatively less complex and more user-friendly. Furthermore, among many benefits, one key benefit of starting from JAVA is that it improves your basics. Though, in no way can it be said that you wouldn’t face obstacles while learning it. However, problems you might face can be solved easily. So, if you’re facing any of the following issues, this guide can help you solve them.

No Objective of Learning to Code


You must have heard people around you say, “it’s important to have a goal in your life”; but it’s true for coding too. These days, people learn to code, not to achieve something but rather because it’s cool and trendy. This attitude doesn’t help in the long run as coding is evolving very fast, and when you lose interest, which you will, your knowledge will become obsolete. The best thing to do is to set a goal like developing a website or an app, so you keep your skills in check all the time.


The Difference in Theoretical Knowledge and Practical Implementation




Another issue many of you will face is that you won’t be able to write a code even though you have all the knowledge. That’s an issue many new programmers face, and it’s not a big issue. You can deal with this issue by working on smaller projects with medium complexity. These projects will have fewer bugs and issues, enabling you to implement your understandings better.


Problems with Debugging


A common issue that even many experienced programmers face is that they cannot debug their code. Debugging is an extremely useful and important tool in your arsenal, and being at it can help you a lot in your professional career. If you’re struggling to debug your code, try using debugging tools, binary searches, or even programming comments to solve issues.

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