Programming and software development has been constantly evolving with the introduction of new and improved programming languages. I have been at the helm of software development since its very early days, which explains my 20 years of experience. My experience in the industry has taught me that software development is something you can always improve and work on as there’s always something new to develop.

With my experience, I’ve been trying to provide new software developers with the proper skillset needed to succeed in a growing industry. You can hire me as I can be the right man for all these reasons.




You can talk to any software developer, and they’d tell you that experience in the industry matters the most. That’s because there are a lot of things that you only learn when you’re working on a complex project. I’ve been part of numerous projects and worked with other software developers in teams. This is much more different than other teams due to the nature of the industry. Coding is a personal thing and styles can differ from person to person, so having an experienced instructor means that they can help you adapt to different coding styles.


Expertise in Multiple Programming Languages





As mentioned earlier, there are different programming languages and people use them according to the complexity of the project and also their preference. Hiring me as an instructor means that I can guide you through various programming languages. I have more than fifteen years of experience in Java, JEE, JSE, and JSP development.


Furthermore, I have worked with some of the biggest e-commerce companies and helped them develop their mobile applications. Similarly, I can guide you through this as well. Along with that, I also have experience in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) development, which is one of the most important things in the business landscape.


Help with Job Interviews


I can also help you prepare for job interviews by providing you with insights related to things hiring managers to look for. I have unique programming interview questions prepared that you can get access to by contacting me. These questions will test your core JAVA and JSP knowledge, so if you’re lacking in something, you can easily fix it.


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