As a beginner programmer, you often hear experienced programmers tell you how fun coding is. But for new programmers, that might not be the case. Programming can be very stressful and frustrating, especially since you have to juggle life along with learning how to code (not counting the number of times you get stuck in a coding problem or can’t find the bug you’re looking so desperately for).

So, if you’re experiencing programming anxiety and don’t know how to deal with it, here are a few tips that’ll help:

Stick to a Few Good Resources

Don’t get lost in the world of multiple courses, books, and tutorials at once. This approach may give you a better insight and understanding of concepts, but it will make you feel like you’re stuck in a rut of stress.

Instead, find a few good resources and stick to them.

Take Breaks

It’s common to see programmers relentlessly trying to make their code work, even after multiple failed attempts. Other times, they’re programming all the time because practice makes perfect, right? Wrong. Doing anything excessively leads to burnout. If you don’t take ample breaks in between, you’ll be stuck in a frustrating loop.

According to statistics, while working on complex tasks, our attention span seriously diminishes after 50 minutes. So, like computers often do, we need to push the reset button and go on a break after every few minutes.



coding screens and glasses

Programming is a Tool

Often, when the errors are piling up and you can’t find what’s wrong or when it just gets frustrating, you may ask yourself what’s the point of any of this. What are you doing it for? That is when you should remember programming is just a tool so you can get into a lucrative market, apply for a wide range of roles, and become open to remote opportunities.

You Won’t Click with Java Instantly

No programming language is love at first sight, especially Java. You’ll find yourself in a pickle more often than you’d like, trying to understand new concepts, and figuring out efficient ways of coding.

However, all it takes is practice and patience. You’ll get there.

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