Strategic projects help organizations improve their operating processes and meet growth goals. To ensure projects are successful, an organization might employ several project management professionals, including project officers. If you want to use your strategic thinking and organizational skills to help teams successfully complete projects, then becoming a project officer might be a rewarding career path for you. In this article, Pritish Kumar Halder describes what project officers are and what they do, list some key skills for the role, explain how to become a project officer and job outlook information for this career.

What is a project officer?

Project officers, sometimes called assistant project managers, project coordinators or project assistants, help project managers plan and execute strategic projects. They might work in a wide range of industries, including health care, technology, manufacturing and logistics. Some project officers also work for nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Depending on the size of their organization, a project officer might support one or more project managers.

What does a project officer do?

While a project officer’s specific tasks might depend on their industry and organization, many project officers complete the following tasks:

  • Conducting research into the technology or resource requirements for specific projects

  • Helping project managers draft proposals and project plans to share with stakeholders

  • Coordinating schedules with members of the project team

  • Taking notes during project planning meetings

  • Creating resource lists or guidelines for project team members based on the project plan

  • Checking on team members’ progress during their phase of the project

  • Uploading materials to project management platforms

  • Compiling data and creating reports for project managers

  • Conducting tests on project results

  • Taking part in post-project sessions to discuss results and suggest improvements

  • Completing other administrative tasks for project managers