If you have a blog or site – or you’re thinking of starting one – it’s never too late to start making money from it. There are several ways to monetize a blog. This article covers different online revenue models and popular strategies for digital content monetization. In this article, Pritish Kumar describes the different ways to make money through a blog.

Let’s start with the basics. What is monetization? To put it simply, monetization means making money from your site. When you earn revenue from the online content on your blog, that’s monetization.

To begin making money from your blog, there are several online business models:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Physical or digital product offerings
  • Subscriptions
  • Coaching

How can you make these work for you and your blog? Let’s take a closer look at each monetization model.

How to Make Money Blogging

The popularity of your blog provides you with new opportunities to make money. You can see several effective ways to earn some extra costs below.

Conduct courses and workshops

One of the greatest ways to make money online is to create courses. Modern people look for new skills and knowledge that help their personal and career growth. However, due to their often heavy workload, they don’t have a lot of time. That’s why it’s always a problem to go somewhere to directly participate in different events.

Online courses and workshops come to the rescue and help both participants and bloggers. As a blogger, you can connect with your audience through different video platforms and share a topic you specialize in, and your participants can obtain the necessary knowledge.

Create sponsored posts

Bloggers often write sponsored posts on social media platforms or their websites to get paid by different brands. They help draw followers’ attention to a brand or individual promoted. Opinion leaders create blog posts, videos, or Instagram Stories to bring new customers to a company.

For example, let’s take Madelaine Petsch and Bliss. In the Instagram post below, the actress promotes the brand’s sunscreen.

Host a paid webinar or training

A lot of companies and individuals start with free webinars. However, if you are an expert in your industry, you can make money on your expertise by organizing paid training or webinars. To run webinars smoothly, pay attention to details and check your info for accuracy. Small errors and typos are unacceptable. Remember to make your training special and unique so that it can be useful and fresh for participants. If it shows good results, consider making a series.

For example, Jack Kornfield, an author and Buddist practitioner, conducts a seven-week online training about the power of awareness.

Consider affiliate marketing

One more secondary source of income is affiliate marketing. By recommending digital products, services, and other products of other companies on your blog, you can earn a good commission. This way, you get paid every time you promote a company.

Write books

Bloggers can get some additional income not only from recommending and promoting other companies but also from writing and selling their own books or ebooks to their audience. By reading books, people can sharpen their knowledge in various industries: marketing, psychology, design, sales, beauty, etc. As an expert, you can communicate your knowledge by creating something unique and fresh. Your readers will appreciate that.

For example, Becca Ludlum, who has a website and an Instagram page dedicated to nutrition and healthy eating habits, also wrote a new book called “Meal Prep in an Instant.”

How to Promote a Blog

Many great ideas can help you make your blog more popular, although not all of them are free. In this section, we’ll review the most effective ways to promote a blog.

Optimize your website.

To make everything run smoothly and rank high on Google, you need to select a reliable web host, optimize the loading time of your blog, put security measures, and manage external and internal links. Monitor the performance of your blog with tools like Google Analytics.

Create an account on social networks.

With 3.96 billion social media users, digital platforms are perfect for promotion. There are plenty of great ways to obtain new leads, boost traffic to your website, and enhance your audience. You can use giveaways, paid advertising, influencer marketing, and sponsored content to drive interest to your blog. Special campaigns, hashtags, reviews, freebies, and referral programs enable you to create word-of-mouth promotions.

Find influencers.

Influencer marketing is a very powerful tool right now. Perhaps you should give thought to contacting an opinion leader in your niche to support your blog and promote it at the same time. An opinion leader can draw the attention of new readers to your blog and encourage them to participate in your events, webinars, and courses.

Send email newsletters.

Email campaigns are another effective tool to educate people about your website. It has a lower cost compared to other methods, but it doesn’t compromise efficiency. By sending email newsletters, you can reach your existing audience, deliver targeted messages, and have an immediate impact. With SendPulse, you can craft professional emails and set up email send-outs without any technical knowledge and for free.

Answer questions on Quora.

To enhance the number of your readers, you need to visit a popular platform where you can communicate with people. Quora is the best option. You can engage with people that are interested in your blog’s topic. If you succeed in intriguing them with your blog posts, there’s a great probability that they will follow your blog updates.

Reach your audience through web push.

With push notifications, you can instantly deliver your information, educate readers about your blog, and obtain excellent results. They help inform your blog readers and visitors about your new content, improve engagement, and increase conversions. SendPulse enables you to create automatic web push notifications based on your blog’s RSS feed.
You are acquainted with the methods of promotion, so it’s time to review the best platforms to create an up-to-date website for your blog.


Do you want to share your passion, educate others, gain exposure, build authority, rank in search, or have content to share? If so, you might be ready to launch your new blog.

But remember one thing, your vision needs to be long term. Whatever you do today will impact your online presence in the future. And as you can see, there are various benefits of blogging that go beyond making money.