A list of commands in a computer programme that is executed by the Unix shell, a command line interpreter, is known as a shell script. Typically, shell scripts provide comments that outline the stages. Shell scripts may execute programmes, manipulate files, and print text, among other things. Another type of shell script that sets up the programme environment launches the application, etc. is a wrapper. 

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What are the two types of Script Shells? 

In Unix, there are primarily two shell types. Which are:

  • Shell Bourne

For Unix 7. x, this is the default shell. The Bourne shell’s default prompt is the letter $. This shell has a variety of subclasses, including the Korn shell, Bourne Again shell, POSIX shell, and others.

  • Shell C

This text window has a Unix shell and a command processor. The C shell’s default prompt is the character %. The C shell often called a script can read file commands with ease.

What are the functions of a Shell Script?

The shell script’s various powers include the following:

  • Batch Tasks

A shell script may be used to automatically carry out several instructions that would otherwise need to be input manually into a command line interface. The user does not have to activate each command independently to do this.

  • Programming

Modern shell scripts have numerous capabilities that are exclusive to complex programming languages, such as arrays, variables, comments, etc. Shell scripts may be built utilising a variety of complex programmes. The lack of support for classes, threading, etc. in shell script languages is a concern.

  • Generalisation

The usage of loops, variables, etc. for several tasks in a shell script is considerably more versatile. A Unix shell script called bash, which changes jpg images into png images, is an illustration of this.

  • Shortcuts

For a system command where command parameters, environment settings, or post-processing are relevant, a shell script is supplied as a shortcut. The shortcut script can still function as a Unix command because of this.

What are the advantages of Shell Scripting? 

Some benefits of shell scripts include: 

  • The shell script’s syntax and commands are identical to those used on the command line. This eliminates the requirement for using an entirely new syntax.
  • The shell script is considerably quicker to develop code in than other programming languages. Also, it makes it simpler to develop the programme and choose the necessary files.
  • The provision of linking for already installed applications is another application for the shell script.
  • Users who are not professionals can alter and customise the behaviour of their applications to meet their needs by using shell scripting.

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