Achievement to create a family in your workplace! What helps to do that? I believe it could motivate someone carrier.

My first work place at Knowvision in Bangladesh, I spent 6 years, I left Bangladesh to move Canada on 20 August, 2006. My last work time was 5PM August 20th, 2006. My flight was 10PM same day. My wife asked are we going to Canada. That time she did not claim that much. I did not take time off after my father passed-away, I worked even same day my father pass-away. I worked in office on the very next day of my wedding, and of course I hadn’t any honeymoon time off. My wife still complains that.

But when she mentioned in Friends and Family gathering to give me a compliment I guess.

My second work Place at Web-Impact (first in Canada)

This was my first Jobs after moved to Canada, I joined in November 2006. My wife was doing study, and was not able to help in house work; I had to manage that too and wanted to mention we had no car that time. She did not complain, not a single day; because she knew we need a job to survive in Canada. Maximum day I came home after 9PM, sometimes 11PM. Few days I found she slept without dinner. That was our best part in life, because no one complained each others. It took me  awhile to improve some of my soft skills which helped a lot to learn Canadian corporate culture, as I was new immigrant to Canada and wanted to make myself right fit in this new environment.

My Third work Place-Descartes Inc in Canada

I started this job from March, 2012. I believe I obtained this work place because of my hard work and scarifies I did for previous companies. I feel like this is my home. At morning I want to get up even earlier to come to office, now my colleagues are my best friends; where everyone shares their joys and sorrows. My Manager is such a good leader that I can tell him my each and every thing, which motivates me to deliver my best effort to progress the work.