Introduction: Navigating the 2023 Landscape of Text-in-Image AI

As we approach the culmination of 2023, the landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) undergoes continual transformation, notably in the realm of image generation. This exploration delves into the challenges faced by two prominent contenders in this field: OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 and the more recent Midjourney 6. Both have made remarkable strides in crafting imaginative visuals, yet a persistent hurdle remains—their proficiency in generating coherent and accurate text within these images.

The State of AI-Generated Text in Images

DALL-E 3’s Progress:

  • Advancements: DALL-E 3 showcases progress but grapples with inconsistencies in embedding text within images.
  • Accuracy Challenges: Despite improvements, the accuracy and relevance of the generated text remain sporadic.

Midjourney 6’s Endeavors:

  • Formidable Image Creation: Midjourney 6 stands as a robust tool in image creation but encounters difficulties in text generation.
  • Text Challenges: The generated text may be nonsensical, misaligned, or unrelated to the intended context.

Visual Representation:

Understanding the Difficulties

Contextual Challenges:

  • Contextual Relevance: Grasping the nuances of visual elements and textual meaning in various contexts proves challenging.

Language Dynamics:

  • Language Variability: Adapting to the dynamic nature of language—its styles, tones, and intents—while aligning with the image’s narrative presents hurdles.

Visual-Textual Alignment:

  • Complex Integration: Achieving both contextual relevance and visual coherence, encompassing font, size, placement, and overall integration, poses intricate challenges.

Author Introduction: Navigating AI Realities

Pritish Kumar Halder

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