RBC Economics has recently unveiled its projections for the Canadian real estate markets, anticipating a nuanced trajectory characterized by evolving sales trends and price dynamics. Here’s an in-depth analysis:

Navigating the First Half: Anticipated Slowdown

Canadian Real Estate Markets To Have A Slow Start To 2024

The forecast paints a picture of a subdued first half for Canadian residential real estate markets. Despite marginal improvements in fixed-rate mortgage financing, the prevailing high interest rates are expected to weigh down on market activity, leading to a period of sluggishness and price softening.

Robert Hogue, assistant chief economist at RBC, highlights the influential role of interest rates in shaping market outcomes, foreseeing subdued activity and price adjustments in the early months of 2024.

Factors at Play: Understanding the Market Dynamics

Impact of Interest Rates and Seasonality

Interest rates are identified as the primary determinant influencing market dynamics in 2024. The Bank of Canada’s decision to maintain high policy rates sets the tone for a subdued market environment initially. However, the anticipated mid-year pivot towards rate cuts is poised to inject momentum into market activity, particularly in the second half of the year.

Moreover, the seasonal dynamics of the real estate market, notably the Spring market’s prominence, are expected to exert additional pressure on prices. A surge in inventory coupled with subdued demand could potentially lead to further downward price adjustments.

Charting the Path Forward: Second-Half Prospects

Rates Cuts In The Second Half Will Boost Home Sales In Canada

Aligning with broader market sentiment, RBC anticipates a turnaround in market activity propelled by anticipated rate cuts and other positive market catalysts. Factors such as rapid population growth, robust wage increases, and pent-up demand are expected to contribute to a resurgence in sales volumes in the latter part of the year.

The bank’s forecast projects existing home sales to reach 484k units in 2024, reflecting a notable 9.2% increase from the previous year. While further growth is anticipated in subsequent years, it’s unlikely to reach the frenzied levels witnessed during the pandemic.

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