Humans are often insecure when it comes to our closest friends and most prized assets. Next to our house, our personal automobile or vehicle is one of our most treasured things or assets. We all spend a significant portion of our income on luxurious vehicles. Yet we don’t really understand how secure the things we own are! According to studies, theft and car theft account for 75% of recorded criminal offenses, and places like Bengaluru report an average of 16 vehicle thefts every day. Less than 20% of the roughly 44,000 reported stolen autos in 2018 were eventually found. As a result, we need to keep our cars safe against accidents, theft, and other shady actions.

With a variety of vehicle security solutions, you can now track your car’s precise location at the touch of a button without having to worry. The top five GPS car tracking systems and their USPs are covered in this article: 

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  • Tracker V7.0 (Gagan1)

An AIS-140 certified GPS tracker with the SOS button and real-time vehicle position monitoring, Tracker V7.0 (Gagan1) is available for Rs. 9,999. A number of the most cutting-edge capabilities for safeguarding and securing your car are included in this GPS tracker. The built-in power backup battery of the Tracker V7.0 (Gagan1) allows it to operate continuously, and the power cut alert notifies the user when the battery is running low and has to be withdrawn from power. A collision alert sensor that foresees collision is another feature of Tracker V7.0. 

  • AT04

AT04 can fit in your pocket while still providing you with the real-time position of the vehicle, bike, or any object you wish to locate. Voice monitoring and a SIM change alarm are supported. So, if something goes wrong, you’ll be informed right away. To put it another way, this is a wise purchase for your favourite asset. Hence, even if the automobile is out there for several days, you will occasionally receive notifications regarding its real-time whereabouts.

  • Real-time Tracking

Let’s say your driver is in the car with you and they are late getting there. You must now confirm that your automobile is in good hands and operating flawlessly. This makes such tracking systems advantageous for you. These GPS tracking systems rely on satellites to display the location of the vehicle right now so you can keep tabs on it wherever you are. No matter how far the automobile has traveled or how strange or unfavorable the weather is, you will always have a real-time tracking capability available for your vehicle.

  • Driver Performance

If you are leaving your automobile with someone you don’t know very well, you need to keep a watch on them and make sure your car is secure. Make careful you check the posted speed limit more frequently. You will never be able to determine the speed at which your automobile is traveling without a vehicle monitoring device. But now that the GPS tracking feature is available, you can monitor the vehicle’s speed. You can ask the driver to drive at a reasonable speed by giving him a call. 

  • BL10

BL10 is following in line. This GPS vehicle tracker is helpful for bike and bicycle riders in particular because it is solar-powered and environmentally friendly. Its GPS/LBS positioning assists in quicker searching and accurate location of the bike. If your bike or bicycle is attempted to be stolen, its geofencing technology will sound the alarm if it leaves the authorized locations. By scanning the QR code or using Bluetooth, GPRS, or SMS, bicycles may be unlocked.

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